Interview of MISS NYLON :

You do your shots in stockings and lingerie. What do you like the most?

Actually I like the variety. But I’m totally in love with vintage lingerie and vintage clothes at all, especially seemed stockings and garterbelts is an everyday pleasure for me. But latex is as well a nice experience every time you wear it.

Pantyhose or stockings?

Stockings, without any hesitation! And especially my obsession with stockings in ultra sheer 100% nylon.

Everybody has his own personal fetish, what’s yours?

That have to be first of all stunning very high heels, followed by seemed 100% nylon stockings with garterbelts, corsets, gloves, red long nails… Oh I can think of so many many things which can arouse me. I never hided my preference for feet in nylon, and I have always been into the fantasy of foot fetishist. If we define as a « fetish » every passion someone has… yes, foot-fetish and nylon fetish are my great passions. And also I like to play with my shoes, slipping them over my nylon-clad feet.

What is your personal favorite outfit? And why?

Hmm… that’s difficult. I don’t think I have that favorite outfit. I wear very rarely trousers, I hate pantyhose! I feel the best in a simple but beautiful very classical and feminine dress with ultra sheer nylon stockings of course.

My favorite outfit is actually a corset, garterbelt, robe, and stockings. That’s what I wear around the house when I am not out on the street. Nothing is more comfortable to me than that combo. I am one of those women who you never catch in sweat pants. I do not feel comfortable in them. I like to look glamourous! As for street clothes, I love sun dresses with sheer stockings, and very high heels.

Nothing is more comfortable, sexy, or feminine. It’s simply and I radiate elegance, glamour and subtle erotism.

Where does your passion for stockings come from?

As of my more young age I was always fascinated by the legs and it bends women. There is more nothing beautiful than a woman in nylon stockings. No?

Do you always wear stockings?

Of course I always wear stockings whenever I dress.

And do you always wear stockings when you make love with your current partner?

It’s a really private question! I don’t want answer. I just say YES, of course!

We see you have a great passion for lingerie, how and when did this all started?

I remember being a young girl reaching my teenage years with fantasies about wearing sexy lingerie like the Hollywood starlets wore in movies. When I was about 15 my mom bought me a girdle to wear under a dress to help smooth the panty lines. I feel in love with the feeling of a girdle. I loved looking at images of women with a wasped waist and desired that more than anything.

So, I went out and found a corset when I was about 16 on line. I put it on and have been in love with the look and feel of a corset since. I also am very much into stockings. I love seamed stockings! I was fairly disappointed at a young age because I could only find pantyhose and not full fashion seamed stockings like the movie stars of the 1940’s wore.
But after receiving my first credit card I learned seamed stockings could easily be order on the internet and I have been wearing them since. I personally love legs and I feel legs are the sexiest part of a woman’s body. And I am going to show case my beautiful legs in only the most beautiful stockings I can find.

What brand of stockings is your favorite?

When I am not wearing my authentic vintage stockings, which I save for special occasions, I tend to wear stockings from Cervin, Gerbe or Dior vintage (French great marks) and Secrets in Lace (more of them are manufactured in France by Cervin!). I suggest to click my links.

What are your favorite stores for lingerie?

As said Oscar Wilde, my favorite author, « I have the simplest tastes: I am always satisfied with the best ». It’s difficult to answer: I have so many favorite stores. For example: Chantal Thomass, La Perla, Lise Charmel… And I am completly maid after vintage lingerie! I suggest to click my links.

Are there some pin-ups or celebrities where you look up too?

Obviously Dita von Teese is an inspiration among today’s celebrities. She demonstrates that the emancipation can be sexy.
I admire female woman since my childhood. The first woman, whom I had noticed consciously as a real woman, was Marilyn Monroe with her curvy figure and her breath-taking sensuality: she was the epitome of femaleness and has a magic attraction on me at that time. I would say my other absolute heroines are Marlene Dietrich or Jayne Mansfield.

I should mention Bettie Page too! I do not have an idol directly, but I show respect to the probably most well-known pin-up of the 50’s, Bettie Page. In a very conservative time, she had courage to self realization. She did not correspond necessarily to the ideal of the Hollywood industry at that time, but had an unbelievable female body. She was an idol and not the enemy for woman.
Woman could identify herself with Bettie Page. Until today she fascinates with her erotic charisma like no other and is still the ultimative Pin-Up. To cut a long story short, Betty Page is seductively beautiful, innocent but not out of this world – like our dresses.

I try to give an individual touch to my creations. I don’t like authentic reproductions, because I would like to create new things.
In the 40’s and 50’s, women were still women and men were men. The women show their femaleness, without beeing cheap. They were so classy !

What do you like the most about modeling?

I love modelling because I like to dress up… I always have, in fact: I love to show off my collection of beautiful underwear and also my collection of glamorous retro outfits, and my vintage stiletto shoes (I’ve got lots of those as well!).

Soon you will start your own website, what can we expect?

One can expect a lot from me when they join, first of all I made acommitment to myself that I would bring my members high quality photos. I despise sites that have only tiny, burly photos, and the same old boring content.

I want my members to associate me with quality. But the content will range from sensual glamour, creative artistic nudes, fetish, latex, stockings, and pretty much anything I feel like doing. I want my site to be a window into my life. It will also be a location where members can get to know me personally. I know the members join for me, and I also plan on doing cam shows.

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