Please read the following Terms and Conditions carefully. These Terms and Conditions define the Webmaster Program pursuant to which Miss Nylon Affiliate Program has agreed to pay you to provide Web traffic to my web pages.

  • You will earn 50% of all sales (both recurring and non-recurring sales) and all rebills for the lifetime of the member.
  • The affiliate program will be run via CCBill and all monies will be paid from them each Monday you reach your minimum payout amount which can be arranged with CCBill directly.
  • Spamming is strictly prohibited.
  • I will only accept ethical and responsible and accurate promotion of the site. My Miss Nylon Website is softcore in nature, and so I will not accept any misleading promotion of the sites. Any affiliate found doing this could have their account terminated.
  • I reserve the right to terminate any affiliate account if found to be in breach of my terms and conditions and rules. If terminated I will advise the affiliate why I terminated their account, but will not enter into any further discussion on the matter. I also reserve the right to withold any monies due to any affiliate that has had their account terminated.
  • Links that come from password distribution sites, newsgroups, bulk email spamming or hidden frames are not permitted. Any affiliate found using these activities risk having their account terminated.
  • All images and banners and any other supplied electronic material (other than my free hosted galleries) must be served from your own server, and not hotlinked from my server, unless prior agreement has been made.
  • Sites that contain or that link to other sites that include child pornography, beastiality, password trading, acts of extreme violence or rape, or any illegal activity will not be accepted as an affiliate of Miss Nylon Cash nor to use any of our images, banners or promotional material.
  • Any resized images you use to promote my website must have display “These images have been resized and don't show the full quality of the images on the site.”

I regularly check affiliate sites to ensure their content still meets my standards. Any sites that have changed content or link to other illegal material will immediately have their affiliate status terminated and risk losing any monies due.