Frequently Asked Questions

I am often asked an assortment of questions - many are what you would expect, others not so! The questions generally fall into two categories, about what I wear and where they can buy similar items or something a little more personal about me. Here I have tried to answer some of the more frequently asked questions. Of course if you have a question that isn't answered on these pages, please feel free to mail me. I answer all my mails personally and promptly.

Q. What’s your age?
A. I was born in 20th September 1967.

Q. And your measurements?
A. Height: 1m78 – Shoe size: 39/8.5 – Stockings size: 4/10.5.

Q. What’s else?
A. My hair are natural dark and my eyes green. My perfume: «Insolence» of Guerlain. I love luxury lingerie and clothes, fully fashioned nylon stockings and suspenders, very beautiful shoes, sea and sunshine, travel around the world in wonderful places, my family and my friends.

Q. Do you always wear stockings in public?
A. Of course! In street, in my home and in my bedroom.

Q. Do you meet your members?
A. I will always consider any requests to meet members – however, they will be in public places.

Q. Are you bi-sexual?
A. Curious – with no experience!

Q. Do you answer your e-mails?
A. Absolutely. I try to answer them as soon as possible but I do have a very full and busy life, so your patience is appreciated.

Q. Do you shave your pussy?
A. Yes, but not totally!

Q. Are your boobs real?
A. Absolutely.

Q. Will you wear special outfits for your members?
A. I will always do my best to fulfill my members’ requests.

Q. Can we buy your worn stockings or lingerie?
A. Yes, it’s not a problem.

Q. Why should we join?
A. You will be part of a very classy club! At least twice a week the site will be updated with excellent quality, high resolution pics.

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